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Thursday, October 09, 2008

22 Days Until Halloween: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

(left to right: George Bush and the Easter Bunny. Both have been marginalized this October)
Good news everybody! Only 22 days until Halloween. That also means 22 more days of unnecessary cubicle decorations! We'll start slow with the random skull or Simpsons Halloween set and slowly pick up speed adding candy corn cauldrons, witches with Twizzlers for hair, miniature carved pumpkins bearing the likenesses of our favorite outside sales reps and a REAL coffin full of candy and perhaps a corpse (made of candy) that isn't made of candy!

Pastor Troy (inside sales) has gotten into the spirit of the holidays as he proudly displays a skull with candles in its forehead. Not only does it celebrate Halloween, it also celebrates his Louisiana roots. Louisiana tradition dictates a young cajunlin' place a skull under the Gumbo Tree on Halloween Eve. At the stroke of midnight, Gator Claus parks his fan boat on the roof and slithers down the chimney and fills the house with singing crawfish. The Gator Claus consumes the child's parents, gathers up his singing crawfish into a leather sack and slithers back up the chimney and into his fan boat. Zydeco music is heard as the now orphaned cajunlin' is left to fend for himself in the merciless swamp. Troy is often heard in the breakroom singing sad cajun songs to mourn his parents. His best song is "Gator Claus Took My Daddy to Heaven" as it showcases his fine tenor voice.
The first Simpsons Halloween set every released! Money well spent...


spokejunky said...

Lousiana is also the place where they like to practice Santaria and Voodoo. It just might explain some maladies you may have in the near future. Jes sayin'.

dwight yoakam said...

um, that skull rode to fame at the 24 of conyers in 2003! viva la pirates!