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Monday, October 20, 2008

NC Cyclocross!

Lots of racing this weekend for employees of the Hawley Company. The mothership descended upon Raleigh for some of the N.C. cross circuit. Will (shipping), Kyle (graphics) and Teenwolf (customer service apprentice/facial hair) showed how "South Cackalack do things" by racking up top ten finishes on both days. According to his press agent, Will had the best showing with a 5th spot out of 60-65 riders. Not bad, not bad at all! Most disappointing was Teenwolf's early exit at Sunday's race. I guess he lacked the heart, the determination, the mental and physical stamina necessary for back to back days of intense competition. Color me disappointed! So yeah, hurry and buy your Challenge and Tufo tires while the gettin' is good.

One of the better pain faces I've seen. Well, less pain and more despair, bordering on suicidal
Teenwolf and Will follow the lead group. Whats up with the dude on the front? I mean seriously, the race is only 30 seconds old and you're already "digging deep"? Don't quit your day job. Oh yeah, Maxxis called, they want their kits back. Quite possibly the best photo ever. Well, the quality sucks but if you ever wanted a visual definition for "punked at the line", look at this pic!
Nasty run-up!

Jed Schneider demonstrates some good form on the run-up. Jed lives down the street from the Hawley racers. Did they carpool? A resounding no! Jed traveled in style safely inside the Jittery Joe's hydrofoil. He still got it handed to him in the Pro's race. Hmmmmm
I like Moots and this guy is riding one... in the wrong direction!!!
A Cane Creek wheel set is spied on the course! He was a good racer with plenty of bike handling skills. Too bad every other word out of his mouth was a racial epithet.
This guy was creeping everybody out!
More Cane Creek love!


dwight yoakam said...

nice work chaps.

dave ever show?

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

not sure, ask mcnamee

McNasty said...

nope, was never sighted....

Miss Jumper said...

Why don't you blog about something cool, like Sea Monkeys or grits? Or Sea Monkeys AND grits!! Mmmm..briney.

co2cycle said...

Glad y'all could make it out for some CX racing in NC! We (Bull City Cycling) were admiring your kits. Hope to see you at some upcoming races.