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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bicycle News Roundup, We're Phonin' This One In

Ran by Coffee Shanty USA today for a couple chili dogs and as I gnawed on a footlong, Doris Donnybrook, the barista, owner and tenant of Coffee Shanty USA asked me what was "new" in the "cycling world". I responded "Your guess is as good as mine! Is this a fingernail in my chili?" Doris, oblivious to the fingernail and her impending leprosy began to fill me in on all the exciting news from the world of print and internet muckrakers. I nodded as I fained interest in her endless blathering. The chili dog and ONLY the chili dog was all I cared to listen to. It sang to me, "Eat me! I am delicious! My chili is homemade... from older, recycled chili!" And on and on until I grew tired of the charade we call lunch time. Perhaps I will see my singing chili dog in 8 to 12 hours? Perhaps sooner...

A photo contest about "the biggest thing you've ever hauled with a bike":

President Bush gets ready to open national parks to mountain biking. Good or bad?:

Dave W. from Ergon gets the usual left-wing hatchet job from America's most radical publication:

More yellow journalism, this time a slideshow of pretentious New Yorkers and their bikes. Hey NY Times, I got news for you, you're 5 years too late. Maybe you should check out Copenhagen Cycle Chic's blog once in a while!?! Sheeez!:

1 comment:

Billy said...

Dubya in Sidi's and with a Fuel, for real, no joke? You'd think a man that dumb would surely be on a Single Speed. I would still like to kick him in the balls for being ultimately a hateful bastard helping to destroy it and I would love to follow him down Pilot or HeartBreak Ridge.