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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome Back the Prodigal Son and Britney!

Fresh from the Storck Tour mystery machine, Andy and Britney came back to the mothership earlier this week. It has been a seamless transition for Britney as she has used her navigational and managerial skills learned from the thousand of miles logged in the van to assimilate to her new surroundings in the accounting office. The blog is already impressed with her attention to detail, heroic work ethic and basic social skills which have moved her beyond Teenwolf in the accounting social hierarchy, which is impressive as Teenwolf has been in accounting for 8 weeks and is still required to empty everybody's chamber pot each morning (it is indeed a most unsavory task). Britney on the other hand has been given tasks such as "free lunch taste tester" and "nap research". Now that's what I call a dynamo. Heed the blog, Britney is going places!

Andy on the other hand has found the transition to civilian life a difficult one. Accustomed to the barbarism he learned while on the road, he wears clothes made from newspaper, eats trash from the nearby construction site, urinates on his desk and others to mark his territory, speaks in mono-syllabic grunts, warns us of the "earth gods anger" when he hears the bulldozer outside and has taken to hunting the warehouse staff with a poorly fashioned bow and arrow on his lunch break. That being said, we have great hopes in rehabilitating Andy to an office environment!

Since we're giving office folk a hard time, let's move on to exhibit B. Actually, Gabe (inside sales) pointed out that he and pastor Troy (inside sales, body massage) were dressed alike! Stop! You had us at "dressed". It's tough working with two nudists, so when they decide to wear matching outfits, it's definitely a "stop the presses" kind of moment. Well, they actually prefer to be called naturalists, but as you can plainly see, there is nothing "natural" about Troy's stance. It literally screams "This is my mugshot. I committed a horrible crime 10 minutes ago but do you see me fretting?":

Get a load of Gabe! More proof The Hawley Company doesn't discriminate in its hiring practices!
"Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!"... blah, blah, blah


Spankye said...

i like all the creepin' in those pics.

dwight yoakam said...

joshie has learned the fine art of creepin' like a master.

keep the flame alive!

spokejunky said...

Gabe, so sassy.