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Friday, November 07, 2008

"Groove is in the Heart" (with apologies to Dee Lite): Colin's New Bike, Trail Tough... Apocalypse Ready

Colin (inside sales) trashed his old and beloved Specialized so he turned his post-apocalyptic attention to a new Soma Groove. Although it confounds the blog to see Colin insisting on another 26 inch bike build, it is equally reassuring to see Colin's love of "you can never have enough" continue with his part selection. Colin is also fond of saying "You can never love enough" which is usually accompanied by his traditional post-lunch man hug session as we listen to Chicago albums. They're intense, but I highly recommend it if you want to "feel the love", the love of Colin. Back to the build! According to Colin, i.e., from his keyboard to your eyeballs:
"SOMA GROOVE 19" SKY BLUE (That's what you'll be staring at after I flick
you, with my extra long middle finger with two extra joints, in the
Adam's Apple as I pass.)
Truvativ Holzfeller 680 30mm rise bar, Team stem and seatpost
Stylo ss cranks and a box guide (ultralight setup)
MAXXIS MINION DHR and DHF with Kenda Downhill tubes (to save weight).
Hayes 8" Mechanical brakes and SD-7 levers (for lockin' em up and doing
skid turns)
The KMC KOOOOOL chain (the source of all of my skills)
1181 Pedals and saddle (like sitting on a soft moss covered tuffet)
Jagwire ripcord cable set (worth every penny)

If this bike was a person, it would be Jacky Chan because he gets no
respect but is pretty much Chuck Norris's only fear. He is a trained
Opera singer and has a hole in his head....just like this frame!!"


spokejunky said...

A 26" MTB SS? Do you have any parachute pants to go with that rig?

dwight yoakam said...

thats some crazy cable action up front . . . you into knitting?

Billy said...

yo dwight, I ran it once like that when they let me have the tools all by me lonesome and on my first mountain ride I pulled the hydrolic line right apart at the caliper leaking fluid everywhere leaving me with no front brake down pilot mtn off laurel. felt like a plumb fool but learned that a rigid fork works much better so does routing the line correctly.

Anonymous said...


dwight yoakam said...

rigid keeps it clean and simple. i'm on board!