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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Part 2 of Today's Post

The blog just blew its own mind. Seriously. This is supposed to be part 2, but as you can plainly see, this is actually the first post in the series. How can this be? The post title never lies. It is incapable of lying. The blog sees another week of sleepless nights ahead of it. Fiddlesticks! But to the matter at hand, when you work at a place that sells 19,000,000 pairs of arm warmers a year, it can be quite the undertaking to GIVE AWAY a pair of arm warmers. Everybody says the same thing "I have like, 15 pairs dude. I don't need anymore" So the blog's pleas fell on deaf ears. On to plan B: concoct a fake note, similar to those written by semi-literate immigrant mothers and fathers abandoning their baby at the doorstep of a convent (a tip of the hat to Mom and Dad). With that in mind, the blog put sharpie to scrap paper and set "Operation: Get Rid of Arm Warmers" in motion. Sadly, no one took the bait. So it was on to plan C: dump them in the warehouse and let the chips fall where they may. Well, the chips fell and after the dust settled, Justin was the lucky winner. Justin said, "This is the only piece of warm clothing I have to ride in!" Hmmm Mr. Justin. You revealed a little too much information to the blog. The wheels are now in motion for "Operation: Winter Clothing Drive For Justin"!

(edit. Pace Arm Warmers are well made and very economical. Unfortunately they don't fit those of us with skinny, mantis-like arms)

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