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Friday, November 14, 2008

Wood You Or Wouldn't You?

It's a dismal Friday good blog readers and that means it's time to mail yet another blog post in. As you can plainly see, the blog has been busy with its "other" duties this week. For example, a sampling of El Hefe's screaming through his megaphone of encouragement Tuesday morning: "Those dairy cows won't milk themselves Bloggy! And where's my cucumber salad on whole wheat bagel??? By the way, I'm going to need the warehouse moved 3 feet to the right. You have thirty minutes!... Have you written my Tony Awards acceptance speech yet? Remember, the first paragraph must contain an acrostic describing my good looks and charm! Where are my wading boots Bloggy!!!" But after those duties are completed with the alacrity and dedication befitting a blog, it is always a welcome treat to come back to the cold embrace of my anonymous, faceless internet readers, IP addresses drifting in an endless void, skimming these words only to get to the underwhelming visuals. Do not fret or mistake my candor for bitterness! The blog has subscribed to USA Today for 13 years for the full color weather map, discarding the rest of the newspaper like the entrails of a freshly cleaned pheasant. That reminds me, I have pheasant and poached eggs to prepare for El Hefe's mid-afternoon repast! Heavens to murgatroid, it never ends, does it? But on to the goodies as they say in the CVS candy aisle:

Behold! The Velocity Deep V TEAK rim in all its faux wood glory!!!

Behold! An "economical" track wheel with machined sidewalls for the talentless masses! In red no less! Beat that! (!)
Behold! The same freakin' wheel in Gold/Copper/Bronze! Gold has never looked so cheap (in price, not quality, er... well)

Oh yeah, just in case you were wondering what Troy (sales) and Hollywood (Storck Pretty Boy) do to "unwind" after a long day of servicing the bike industry, video proof provided by Britney.


Papa Wheelie said...

Believe it or not, Rock Band® is a part of the Hawley interview process. Can you handle phone sales? I don't know... Can you score 4 out of 5 stars on Thunderstruck by AC/DC level "High"? ...cause I can!

dwight yoakam said...


spokejunky said...

Why go faux wood rim when you can get the real deal HERE.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Good point Brian!

Gordon said...

Becuz they are $200 dollars, only tubular and getting them round must be a bitch.

spokejunky said...

...but if you're stuck out in the boonies of Red Bank you can break the rims down and burn them for heat.