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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arrrrr, Guile: Wooleator Commute


The Blog has girded its feet in many a lightweight, "breathable" sock for the oppressive summer morning commutes this season. As quality laundry time has been at a premium, The Blog was scraping the bottom of the barrel of the sock drawer this morning until gold was struck in the form of a forgotten pair of Defeet Wooleator argyles.

Hot corn! They were just what the doctor ordered, if your physician, like mine, is completely insane and prescribes socks instead of antibiotics. Still haven't shaken this nagging case of scurvy/tooth rot/the vapors. In addition to the revelation of the Wooleators as a summertime commuter, The Blog thought the sky looked particularly beautiful this morning, enfusing ghastly bits of nocturnal flotsam from the urban shipwreck that is Rosewood Drive with a patina of rose and tangerine. Still smelled like vomit, urine and battery acid. I love my city!

And for you weight weenies, the Wooleators weigh in at an impressive 60 grams soaking wet!

And for you work bench weight weenies, the DS-2 digital scale weighs in at a scant 246 grams! Weighing a scale on a scale? Did I just blow your mind? William Gibson has nothing on The Blog. Happy Thursday imbeciles!!!!!!!


Drama G said...

You blew me alright. I have something else you can put on the scale.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...


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