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Monday, July 20, 2009

"P is for Psycho!"

Seems like Charles Manson or that guy from "Duel" got a job driving big rigs laden with industrial waste as he tried to kill me this morning during my commute to work. I felt the icy touch of death's cold finger flick me in the ear (or was it a piece of plastic rigging?) as the overladen semi rolled past me, forcing me off the road and into some slack jawed yokel's front yard. Not wanting Large Marge to ruin my morning, I hopped back onto the road and caught up with the 18 wheeled instigator at a red light. We exchanged pleasantries along these lines: "Top o' the mornin!", "Indeed, top o' the mornin to you as well!", "Please forgive me if my bicycle was taking up too much space on the road. Shan't happen again!", "Aye, apology accepted!", "[expletive-laced rant]", "[expletive-laced retort]"

Stay away from this truck or YOU WILL DIE!


Ice-T said...


MM said...

Yep...tag number and a police report will suffice.
The poor fucker that harassed us a few weeks ago is in BIG trouble!

RachaelK said...

Don't mean to be a broken record here, but this is Rachael with the Palmetto Cycling Coalition (ta-da!), and you should most definitely follow-up on this. If this happened in Lexington County, give the sheriff's dept a call. I'd be glad to get you in touch with someone there. Incidents like this are only going to continue to happen, and this driver is likely to continue to be totally belligerent towards cyclists, if the appropriate prosecution does not occur.

Can I get a 'yes ma'am'?