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Monday, July 06, 2009

"Raw Like Sushi"

Say hello to the newest member of the Hawley family, Sushi! Dave Carson (purchasing hefe) and his better half (wife) adopted this furry lil' ball of love and vital organs to help keep squirrels and miniature trolls out of his eggplant patch. "Dang blast it Kinny, tell you whut man, them dang ole squirrels is bad enough but them dang ole miniature trolls wit' them small hands and dexterity make a mess o' my eggplant patch. Get all up in them eggplants and start hollowin' 'em out and then sprucing 'em up to live in, but then they don't live in 'em, just rent 'em out to other miniature trolls and I don't get no cut of the rent! That's all ole Davey wants, his rightful share!!! HIS RIGHTFUL SHARE OF THE SWEET MINIATURE TROLL EGGPLANT APARTMENT RENT PIE!!!" So in a fit of murderous rage at imaginary creatures that Dave has invented in his mind, Sushi was procured as Dave's personal garden pest reaper. Don't fear the reaper. Don't fear the Sushi. By the way, Mark Cavendish is a super freak.

1 comment:

Ice-T said...

Is that the Dirtrag's own "ole koot" I see talkin in da' blog?