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Thursday, July 09, 2009


... belongs to Teenwolf, not by choice, but because the lupine lothario is getting married next week and demanded, at claw-point to have his ridiculous old school Euskaltel Orbea featured as commuter of the week. But first things first. Teenwolf and Mary are getting hitched and as is the custom around here, an awkward photo of the loving couple must be posted with the requisite creeper in the background. Congrats Jose, your creep factor just increased six fold. You're approaching Fergie levels.

Here are some pictures of the frame the guys at Orbea were generous enough to give Teenwolf. Can't hold a candle to a Storck, but it'll do for rides under 5 km in length,as a grocery getter or as kindling:

MTB pedals Teenwolf? I see you've stolen yet another idea from The Blog!

Top tube sticker? Just because Kyle is in Europe watching the Tour doesn't mean you get to steal his "cover any blank space with a sticker" technique of frame adornment/desecration!

Everybody loves Mary, but it takes a special woman to love a man who "makes mississippi mudpies" in his shorts on a weekly basis. Oh Teenwolf, that guilty look on your face speaks volumes. You just made another mudpie, didn't you??!?!?!?


José said...

HEY! After walking up and down Target for three hours I deserve to be in every photo and two brownie servings!

Billy Fehr said...


Spiritof76 said...

Looking at that bike makes me want an orange julius.