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Friday, July 31, 2009

Have A Bloodbath/Pogrom-Free Weekend!

Tis’ the end of the week! Huzzah! We hope you have extricated yourself from the week-long toil Dame Fortune has chosen to manacle yourself to for the foreseeable future. Whether it’s goose-throttler or bundle-hurler, widow-napper or carriage polisher, your gainful employment and the small pittance you earn and take to your local cyclery for the latest bobble or trinket is what pays to have our executive washroom’s urinals gilded in the finest gold and jewels! Plebians, teak croquet mallets and palanquins carved from the tusks of wooly mammoths don’t pay for themselves! So it is in this generous frame of mind that the Hawley Company bids you to frolic and cavort amongst nature’s most precious treasures this weekend. If you find yourself in West Asheville recovering from another blood pudding/absinthe binge with your cretinous cohorts, then feel free to drop by the estate and I’m sure we shall find some sort of gainful distraction to employ you in. Have you done much horseshoe cobbling? Ascot laundering?

At least one person has a sense of humor when it comes to the recent "cyclist shot in the helmet by psychopath" incident in Asheville.

(taken yesterday evening on the commute home from work. "Our fair city!")

1 comment:

Drama G said...

that fist picture looks like the guy in the carriage is blowing himself. HA!