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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Southside Loop Trail=Moderate Fun!

Behold, the primitive trail-ular wonderment that is the Southside Loop in bucolic Spartanburg, SC! During a brief sojourn to pay homage to The Blog's mater and pater, The Blog dropped by Southside as it has been eons since the last ride. This time however, the camera was on board and that means painstakingly detailed documentation of Piedmont gnar. In all actuality, the gnar quotient is fairly low when compared to true gnar like Pisgah or Camloops but the gnar ain't the reason you ride Southside. The reason for Southside is to chill out and roll around on singletrack as you let your mind wander. But a word of caution, too much wandering and pondering and you'll be eating trail rock like The Blog. Stupid off camber turn! Anyhoo, Southside is in great shape considering the amount of storms that have rolled through in the past month. Many humble thanks to UMBA and/or Upstate SORBA. There is also a footbridge that spans Fairforest Creek so you can access the Palmetto Trail and let your freak flag fly, if you get past the bridge trolls...and their excessive toll! Enough mindless drivel, on with the endless stream of boring, rider-less pictures of anonymous trail!

Gnarly ravine on the Idaho trail:

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