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Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting Beached Out

I'm not really going to ramble much about what I have seen. You will know what I have seen, after you see it. We got lost on the way to Holden Beach and came across this really sketchy place. I returned in the safety of daylight to find that I was still not safe. I parked with the engine running and facing the street. Must be a Junkyard or maybe Chris Maret's house. I would be equally cautious to use the bathroom in either one.

This is the Hurse from the previous picture driven by "Chucky" from AFI's #11 film, Child's Play. In the back seat was Elvira and Dracula. I would post those pictures but I know you guys need your sleep.

I am going to guess that the "artist" here is southern as he depicts two Confederate soldiers hanging a Union one.

Behind this fence is the largest herd of unicorns I have seen to date. I would have gotten closer, but it was guarded by a Liger, and we all know you dont mess with a Liger near the Ocean. They draw their power from baby dolphins and they are at a high count in this area.

This escaped convict wouldn't stop "makin eyes" at me. I took a picture of him in his stolen police car and then blinded him by reflecting my watch in the sun. Take that!

I guess the cop in the back of the car was tired and asked his "cargo" to take a turn driving. Nice people around here. Even convicted killers.

Oh joy, nothing stirs the spirits like discovering the rental bike dumpsite for all of the kidnapped tourists, lured in by a brand new Coke machine. I was actually scared off by some weird sounds and could not get a few other things. The inside of the building was a full replica of a funeral home visitation with Richard Nixon giving a eulogy. I wonder if this guy would watch my stuff while I go inside......

Last but not least, I saw some idiot unicycling on the beach. He must be skilled.


Spiritof76 said...

Ugh.. At least spell my last name right.. its M-A-R-E-T. You often don a boy scout outfit on you cycle..I know you have earned enough merit badges to know the difference.

Spiritof76 said...

Oh yaeah, and that is not my house.. If it was,I would have at least have landscaped it.