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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deer Stand And Deliver... THE BLOG POST! Hoo-ahhh!

Pristine upstate pavement...
While pedaling around the piedmont hills of Spartanburg during the Christmas recess, The Blog came upon several makeshift shelters the locals call "Deer Stands". Apparently, the "aim" of these contraptions is to provide a secure and comfortable hiding place from which to shoot at deer and manguars (50 percent man, 50 percent jaguar, 100 percent party animal).

While reprehensible, this savage custom could be put to good use in the sales department. Those inside sales folk with their soft, downy underbellies and succulent hocks could feed a family of four with meat to spare for a pudding or custard! By Jenkins it could work! But leaving cannibalism aside, deer stands are a visual reminder that the rider is never completely safe. Either it's a car or a dog or a stray bullet. Thus, you need loud, retina-searing color not only girding your shame, but ensconced on your bicycle as well. And look what just showed up, the latest addition to your "loud" wardrobe: The new turquoise 110 headset from those candy-eating fops at Cane Creek! Same design, same build just different color. It looks goooood. Speaking of deer hunting, this man:

sent The Blog a few pics snapped in a Florida bicycle dealer of a LIVE deer astride a BICYCLE!

His name is Guiseppe and he rides the bicycle for flavored corn treats. His cadence is incredible but he is humble and doesn't let his innate talent inflate his ego.

Speaking of innate talent, don't forget about the Ian Ride Toby Porter is leading this coming Saturday morning. 10:00 AM at Lexington High School, off of I-20 (I think???). Bring whatever cash you feel like donating (no cheapskates please) and a bike ready for different surfaces. Gonna be cold and windy too so you should dress the hands and feet accordingly. Sorry, no Klaus Kinski's allowed and that will be enforced.

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Spiritof76 said...

I just got the wonderful idea to build / weld custom antler bars for my next project bike.