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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Ninerr Is Human, To Heckle Is Divine; Illustrated

Like the geological separation of the super-continent Pangea or the lifting of the Blog's corpus from its warm bed on a sub-freezing morning as its beloved cat Mimi clings to its stomach to feed parasitically off of the precious warmth, Joshie's Niner build continues at a pace that could best be described as "labored".

Most normal folk with a modicum of interest in their new frame would be scrambling for every part necessary. Sadly, Joshie seems to be stuck in neutral, assembling the components piecemeal, accepting orphaned parts from whatever kindly soul happens to be strolling past. "You look like you could use this Tektro v-brake noodle more than me, buddy" "Thank yee kindly sir!" So far, Joshie has an XX fork and a Niner frame. That's a start.

The new tubeless American Classic wheels came in today to much ballyhooed fanfare. Wider rim for 2010 makes these Stan's daddy. Throw a brake on there and a couple platform pedals and you're "trail-ready". Does anybody make white 29er tires? But The Blog digresses. So yeah, at this rate, Joshie's niner, who The Blog has named "Ronnie Lott" and/or "The Ghost Of Steve Walsh", should be completed in time for the 2010 World Cup. Predictions for the cockpit? Eleven81 adustable stem, Nitto track bar and Ergon GC2L gripshift grips. You can take that to the bank...