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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tony Wagster Loves Designer Cakes?

Wednesday- the halfway point of the work week at stately Hawley Manor. According to my ornate brass sundial and pocket watch lifted from the corpse of a competitor's outside rep who had riled up our pack of sentry hounds, it's time to feed the unruly rabble who toil deep within our salt mines. But instead of their usual trough of corn slop and pine cones infused with an insouciant hint of Motorex chain lube, the rabid curs will be treated to a culinary delight: Hudson Brothers BBQ! Pulled pork? Nay; pulled transient with a side of "let this be a warning to you, scurrilous halfwit!". It shall be a succulent repast. And the best thing about pulled transient? NO WITNESSES! In addition to the main course, The LaBron James of outside reps, Tony Wagster brought in a custom Hawley cake courtesy of the other, lesser known outside reps (Bruce McCarthy just spat Tang all over the screen of his Tandy1000 while Dennis Berg just pulverized a cue ball in his bare hand). In other equally horrifying news, Teenwolf and Colon's obsession with table tennis have led them to the basest and most primitive of experimentations: floor tennis. Lacking a proper table, they fashioned a makeshift "net" and battled well into the night as we looked on with pity in our eyes and malice in our bosoms.

Speaking of basest desires, if you have ANY desire of riding your bike in 2010, then get the year started off right with Toby Porter's world famous New Year's ride. This year's and perhaps every subsequent year will honor our dear friend Ian Foyster and also serves as a fundraiser for his daughter Hailey's college fund. The ride is free but donations are welcome (sic. donate $). The ride itself will be 40 miles in length and will consist of traffic-free dirt roads with a small amount of pavement. Toby suggests cross bikes but road and mountain bikes will also get the job done. A 28 is probably the narrowest tire you want to run. Toby's words, not The Blog's. Details like start time, location, route will follow tomorrow. Ciao bella!


Anonymous Florida sales rep said...

Who is Hawlly?

Magnum said...

is 'hawlly' anything like 'Hawley?

Magnum said...

that cake definitely did NOT come from Buddy Valastro/aka 'Cake Boss'