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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Niner Your Business

The oracles have spoken and the prophecy that was foretold has come to pass. Joshie's bike is complete, cue Gabriel's trumpet. They said it couldn't be done and by "they", The Blog means "Squeaky-voiced Newsies From The Turn Of The Century Who Will Eventually Die Of Malnutrition", but we and by "we", The Blog means "The Northern Hemisphere", never lost faith in Joshie and his peculiar ways. For example, Joshie eats Cheerios out of a water bottle that makes said Cheerios smell like urine. Seriously, ask Julie. Another example, the man has two sets of eyelids like a cat thus enabling him to fall asleep while he stares you in the eye as you go on and on about how "wonderful" your Christmas was and how awesome "Avatar" is and James Cameron has really topped himself this time and blah blah blippity blah! Joshie's precious RED Cane Creek 110 headset finally arrived and much like our beloved Voltron (or the Wu Tang Clan for the younger readers), the crucial components of his Niner formed into an entity of awesome yet terrifying technological proportions. To quote Brantley (returns department) who has literally seen every bike that has EVER existed, he said Joshie's new ride "is one of the best he's ever seen!". Good ole Brantley, who knows what goes on in that jumbled mess of wires and motherboards crammed into an already packed head but he MAY be onto something. So yeah, if anybody is over at Harbsion State Forest around 3:45 to 4:00, you'll probably see Josh in the parking lot getting his new baby ready for its maiden voyage... as well as his bike. Welcome him with open arms and an impish smile!

We're impressed with that headset thing, uh, press? Bah! Whatever

Sitting pretty in the head tube. Reminds me of Aston Villa (Ozzy's home football club) or West Ham United colors....
Judgment time...

Not too shabby!

1 comment:

Magnum said...

Ditch the silly grips and the small chainring.