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Monday, December 28, 2009


The Blog took a few days during the Christmas break to dust off the old bicycle and get out on the winding roads of rural Spartanburg county. Oddly enough, these very same roads are used in the annual Walnut Grove road race, however The Blog's pace would be far more relaxed than those competitive types. As the weather was downright cold, layers upon layers were on the menu. God bless the Craft Pro Warm base layer with its incubator-like heat production and Defeet Blaze Wool socks with their, uh, wooly goodness?

Product placement out of the way, the ride took The Blog through the vertiginous hills of disused farms and sketchier-than- usual mobile homes of the lower Piedmont. A chasey dog here, a careless pickup driver there, the ride proceeded smoothly and uneventful. Sadly, a few of The Blog's favorite hunting club fireroads have since been handed over to loggers. Subsequently, the logging vehicles have completely destroyed the fireroads rendering them unrideable. Fiddlesticks! Miles upon miles of wonderful offroad riding ruined. 'Tis a shame but the wheels of nonrenewable commerce grind on!

Three-toed animals ahead, on the right side of the road...
Apparently, a tragic plane crash occurred on my ride route during WWII. This monument was next to the historic Price House.
A20G Havoc...
This piece of reckless road graffiti sums up The Blog's mood. The Blog cannot condone this sort of Turk182-styled hijinksery, but it was good luck to stumble upon it!
This fireroad was one of the better ones with its 5 inches of soft, unnavigable sand. It used to have Federal Nature Reserve signs all over it but sadly, those days are long gone...

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