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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Since We Last Checked In

Wellity wellity wellity. Looks like Joshie added a few more components to the Niner today. Sadly no headset was installed but some chainrings, shifters and a cassette were thrown on! Hoorah. Red BMX chainring bolts symbolize bloodshed and how Joshie's ancestors waged war against aboriginal people in South Congaree during the great Molly Hatchet Uprising of 1986. Never forgive, never forget.

A visibly angry Josh stews about his lack of a headset...
Wacky Sporttourer grips reflect their Romulan design heritage...
Gahhh!!!! Molly Hatchet foreva!
New cassette to match the hub and rear derailleur....

1 comment:

Northstar Bikes said...

looking good, hopefully I'll have my hands on an atomic blue One9 in the very near future!