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Monday, December 14, 2009

PCC Bike Move Redux

Holy moley! What a weekend gentle blog readers. Rain and stultifying temperatures in the forecast meant riding outside was out of the question as The Blog has recently developed a certain disdain for anything under 40 degrees, and that includes bicycling. Luckily, the rain held off for Palmetto Cycling Coalition's bike move. The plan was simple: move Rachel and her PCC office to their new location on Devine Street. 20+ hardy souls showed up on all sorts of cargo-outfitted conveyances. The Blog saw Xtracycles, Burley trailers, flatbeds and even a BRAND NEW Eleven 81 trailer! Huzzah! Dave Carson's mustache was probably all a-twitchin'. After everything was loaded and secured, the group took a circuitous but hill-less route through Shandon to the new locale. One tends to forget when riding with a fully loaded trailer that your bicycle's inertia has multiplied significantly. Attempting to stop, I didn't apply enough brake so I rolled a bit more than expected and slammed my ankle on the trailer's hitch. Guh. Luckily there were no witnesses to my pathetic attempt with long haul cycling. How do the dudes in big cities with those giant cargo bikes do it? They're the REAL heroes. So anyhoo, we rolled dirty, 20+ deep to the new office without incident. There waiting for us were a couple jugs of coffee, fruit (!), bagels (double !), free buttons (triple !) and an I-Pod speaker dock playing Bad Brains mash-ups. You wouldn't guess by looking at her, but Rachel loves Bad Brains. Seriously. If you consider her Rasta Lion neck tattoo and "BDBRNS1" vanity plate, she might be the biggest Bad Brains fan in the Metro. Did anyone ever see them at Rockafellas? The Blog saw them when they toured for "God Of Love". What a snoozer! Just kidding. They rocked the house until HR threw a temper tantrum. Anyhoo, PCC is at 2500 Devine street. Go by and say hello to Rachel in her new, cavernous, potentially haunted, most definitely built on an orphan burial ground, office!

First of all, check out this Rivendell Atlantis! Sorry for the wonky angles. I have swimmer's ear and my equilibrium is all out of whack. I'm constantly at a slant!

Not sure about those cantis. How 'bout (BKST4505 for those of you playing along in the online catalog) some Paul's?
The Burley Flatbed Trailer (TRAL2230). These fellows won't be in our 2010 catalog which is a shame because they're awesome for hauling things that are flat and bedlike. They actually hold quite a bit considering I pulled two people around who were sitting atop like so many Ghandis on a train's roof. Shops, please inquire with our inside or outside reps. Only a few left...
The world's easiest trailer attachment. Average installation time: 17.8 seconds
Michael was rolling the new-for-2010 Eleven81 trailer. That Tupperware thing was full of stolen arrowheads and priceless artifacts. Rachel! How could you! Tsk tsk tsk...
Another Flatbed sighting! They're everywhere, like neutrinos and Peruvian flute bands.
Bah! File cabinet! How fun pedaling your doom machine sucka! This thing was also crammed full of arrowheads. Rachel!
Waste basket snuggly secured to an Xtracycle. Word up.
The Blog flossing his new Madras Pumas and scandium Kona. And yes, I haven't ridden this bicycle since October. Who are you to judge me?!?! I am NOT AN ANIMAL!
The rabble!
Back of Rachel's new office complete with handy dandy loading dock. Wait a sec, where did that Easy Up come from? Who brought all this coffee and food? What's going on here!?!?!?


dwight yoakam said...

i wouldn't sweat not riding the mtn bike since october. i just unpacked and built mine back up last week from its trip to the east coast in oct. and with feet of snow on the ground i won't ride it until april.

sweet cargo haulers! i miss the joys of the xtracycle!

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