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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike-To-Work Week, DAY 3 (AKA "Wednesday")

The history of the word "Wednesday" is a long, fascinating and delicious story that won't be discussed here. Instead, we shall recapitulate Day 3 of the National Bike-to-Work Week. What is there to discuss you ask? Well, not bloody much, but it is of some interest to note sales department urchin and cajun-flavored wild man "Pastor" Troy Whelan participated in his first bike commute this morning. Flanked by Tony (sales) and Kyle (incessant complaining) in what could be described as "Presidential Motorcade Formation", Troy was whisked along to work through the circuitous bike lanes and traffic-filled roads of Lexington county. God bless a country where a simple swamp-child, who only seven months ago was selling used toothbrushes and jitterbugging for spare change on Bourbon Street can eschew his gas-guzzling ways (what is Troy going to do with TWO fanboats in downtown Columbia?) and commit, like his gator brethren, to non-motorized transportation solutions...
(As a side note, does Jim really need a frame pump thats longer than his top tube? And yes, the top tube is a whopping 79 cm)

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