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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hawley Field Trip to Zero Gravity

Because of a permission slip snafu (and a little thing called "parole violation", thank you Richland County Sheriff's office), I was not allowed on the field trip to Zero Gravity in Athens, GA, but for Jose, Derrick, Kyle, Will, Jim, Ian and Bruce, the immovable wooden doors of the magical barn of wonder and bemusement were opened for a day of bicycle riding, lagoon antics and gentlemanly conversation. Feast your eyes on the Wonka-esque wonderland...

Outside Zero Gravity (not pictured: Zero Gravity company zeppelin)

A motley assortment of bike riders and one serial killer. Guess which one! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Inside the Zero Gravity barn. Can you spot the human powered submarine?

Well, I guess you're commited

Overhead fan and former propeller for the Zero Gravity zeppelin (not pictured: the zeppelin)

A Ducati motorcycle, raffled away to a needy Ewok later in the afternoon.

Will and his head wound. How did he get the head wound? Viciously head-butting an Ewok!

Wake n Bake racing rig waits patiently for its master

"This will make you talk!"

When a man Zero G brake and a woman Zero G brake get married, they make baby Zero G brakes as a physical expression of their love. (from the book "Where Did I come From" written by Hakeem Olajuwon, illustrations by Norman Mailer)

1 comment:

spokejunky said...

Great pics. One of these kids is not like the other in the group shot.
You got off easy with parole and time served. It must've been hard to turn away from the priesthood, but your a stronger person for it.