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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Name That Bolt!

Today's contest is called "Name That Bolt!" (see post title). What is this bolt used for? Any guesses? If so, let me know so I can figure out what to do with this thing. Seriously, it's just taking up precious warehouse space. And no, you may not name this bolt Leonard. This bolt is named Leonard and Lord knows we don't need TWO Leonards taking up warehouse space!


joshie said...

I propose that this bolt be part of and accepted to the Gelbarshot family. Jesimeal Gelbarshot shall be his name. and he shall hold stem faceplates to their respected stems with dignity and honor.

Papa Wheelie said...

I say this be the missing bolt from the Iceberg Locating Sonar (ILS), starboard side, on the glorious Titanic, in all her majesty, God rest her soul. Or maybe, just maybe, it could double as a water bottle cage bolt. Given that your pockets are extremely deep! Hard to read??? I love punctuation.!...,!???!.

spokejunky said...

It came out of my knee. I've been looking all over for it. Thanks.