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Friday, May 16, 2008

Bike-To-Work Week! DAY 5 (Mr. Fish is neither a Mister OR a Fish, discuss!)

And so we come to the end of Bike-To-Work Week. But is this really the end, or is it a new beginning? Or perhaps, is it a never was? For some, the answer is "yes". For others, the answer is "no". And for a far greater percentage of the six and a half billion people who don't read this blog, the answer is "Huh?". And for one of you named Darrell Metzelberg, the answer is "Hold up, this ain't Muffler Master!" But I digress as my head is dizzy from all this talk of Bike-To-Work and the tasty chicken sandwich I consumed at Mr. Fish today. Mr. Fish is a new restaurant (and I use "restaurant" in the loosest sense of the word. Basically, think post-apocalyptic wasteland, then think of three mutants (friendly mutants) who survived the initial nuclear fallout, then think what if the mutants huddled together and decided to open a restaurant that serves fish related dishes, and then think diarrhea, lots of diarrhea) up the street from Hawley. The prices are low, the food is high and the decor is... uh... minimalist? So yeah, the chicken sandwich was like a congratulatory pat on the back to myself for finishing Bike-To-Work week in one piece. But I only rode four days, Joshie rode five, yet he ate a chicken sandwich as well! Can you fathom the implications of this? Can you? Can you??? In conclusion, Mr. Fish rated 5 stars for tastiness, 2 stars for decor/ambience, 12 stars for silverware and 3 thumbs up for tastiness.

(Late EDIT) On a side note, I told Trey (shipping) I'd put a shot of him playing drums with his band Four Zero Alpha from last week's show at New Brookland:
Pictured Left to Right: Skins, Trey

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