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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Criterium Redemption: Teenwolf Feasts Upon the Competition

Firstly gentle reader, a stirring quote from AUNG SAN SUU KYI, (Freedom from Fear) about redemption:
"It is his capacity for self-improvement and self-redemption which most distinguishes man from the mere brute."
Self-redemption that distinguishes man from brute, but man from teenwolf??? I propose that Mr. Kyi must amend his line as of Saturday because a certain Teenwolf (our own Tony Zanca, of inside sales and mustache research) redeemed himself amongst the teeming masses at the Dilworth Criterium. After a disappointing 13th at the SC State Championships, Zanca was out for blood, delicious human blood. And if not delicious human blood, then equally nourishing squirrel, mole or any rodent blood within the Charlotte city limits. But I digress as is to be expected from the strenuous rigors of blogging. Heres how it went down: Tony rode well, conserved energy and bid his time. Then at a half mile, a rider went off the front so Tony "gunned" it on the downhill. A few riders caught Teenwolf on the uphill with one of them making a pass. Teenwolf grabbed his wheel and got around him with 150 meters to go. With a victory in sight, Tony had a rider on his wheel at 50 meters and was edged out by about 6 inches at the finish line. A well-deserved second place! Huzzahs all around! The Zanconia mustache research program will continue in earnest.

One of our Black Sheep Cartel chums celebrating a well-deserved victory with arm raised skyward, as is the style nowadays.
A Rock Racing team member quickly takes his name out of the Cat 5 race after happening upon a pre-lupine Teenwolf squatting naked behind a porta-john feasting upon a rabbit carcass.


Cristen Zanca-Hale said...

You all may know him as "Teenwolf," but here in the 'burg he is known by all who love him as "Bean" "Beaner" and/or "Beanlet." Good job little bro, we're all proud of ya. . . but please end your 'stache research by the time you come to visit, or we just won't let you out in public!

Miss Jumper said...

Tony looks like a 70s porn star with that 'stache. And I love it. Ladieeeees.