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Thursday, May 08, 2008

"What Is It?"

Faithful blog reader, today's game is called "What Is It?". A shameless rip-off, er, we mean a loving homage to "Highlights" magazine, featured each week (or year, depending on levels of interest and a pending lawsuit from "Highlights" Magazine) on this very blog! Shazaaaaam!!! The rules are simple: Look at the zoomed in mystery bike part, search your mind or the online catalog for inspiration, leave a comment with your intuited guess and if correct, win some "fabulous prizes". This week's prizes include a Kenda 700X28/32c SCHRADER tube and a very rare bottle of Grey Poupon "mild and creamy" dijon mustard, NOW WITH XANTHAN GUM!!! OK, heres the first pic:
Fabulous prizes:


spokejunky said...

I'm going with Campy rear derailleur pully cage. It's either that or an old school Campy chaing ring bolt.
I'll take the Grey Poupon, but only if you include the 2 month old crust on the lid. I need that to cure my herpes.

Spankye said...

Campy corkscrew at the pivot??

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Fiddlesticks, Eric got it!

Papa Wheelie said...

Is it too late to guess?

Palmetto Solo said...

Damn I was just pondering catalog. Damn insider guy.