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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bike-To-Work Week, DAY 4 (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Traffic)

Day 4 of Bike-to-Work Week brings with it an assortment of death-defying adventures. To start with, whilst on Platt Springs Rd, my handlebar suddenly slips out of position pitching me forward (and pitching a choice expletive out of my mouth), the result of a loosened stem bolt. Then a few minutes later, uber-commuter Will breaks a spoke on the same road. The rear wheel now has a healthy wobble but Will soldiers on, as is the style for the shipping department these days. And finally, Teenwolf catches the passenger door of a car as she (the driver of said car) ignores green-light-right-of-way and turns recklessly into the Hawley commuter train. Luckily the moon wasn't full, it wasn't anything as it was 7:30 AM, but if it had been, the fur would've been flying!!!

(A quiet pedestrian/bike bridge over carnage-filled Assembly St)

1 comment:

spokejunky said...

That's Assembly? I thought that was the Blossom Street bridge that goes over to the USC gym. I've spent many a day opposite the street looking up at the windows where the USC coeds work out on the equipment. I'd still be there if it wasn't for the restraining order.