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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Shimano Dura Ace Sneak Pizz-neak and Brantley's Imaginary Friend Revealed

New Dura Ace Brake

New Dura Ace "Red Dawn"
New Dura Ace Crank Set

Brantley's post Denver vacation survey as conducted by our blog staff:
"Hi Brantley, can you fill out this survey for today's blog? Whenever you
get a chance:

1)On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the best, how would you rate your
trip to Denver?8 (Highly dubious! According to Brantley's wife, he spent the entire vacation in the hotel bathtub, "protecting himself from ghosts")

2)Within ten, how many bike riders did you see?426 (Once again, a completely random number that demonstrates his mental instability)

3)Did you eat any Mexican food? YEP (Brantley hasn't eaten solid food since 1864 when he shared a hush puppie with Robert E. Lee. Look it up, Doubty Mc-Doubt-Doubt)

4)Did you see any bicycle shops?NO (His hotel room was INSIDE a bike shop)

5)How many homeless people did you see?35 (Impossible.)

6)Would you ever live in Denver? NO, GETS TO COLD IN THE WINTER (He was born and raised in Norway, went to college in Canada and sleeps on an ice mattress, with extra ice)

7)Would you recommend Denver to somebody else, looking for a new town to
live in? YEP (When he spun into the office (stinking of cheap gin), Brantley screamed "Stay outta Denver or you'll be sorrrryyyyyy!!!!"

8)Did you see any hippies? Yep (Hippies were banned from Colorado in 1985, a year after "Red Dawn" was released in theaters, a movie that proved only non-hippies could defend our country from the intrusions of Soviet-backed Cuban mercenaries. Wolverine!!!!!!!)

9)Did you smell pot smoke? yep (Impossible. Brantley was born without nostrils. They hadn't been invented. This guy is OLD!)

10)How big was the airport? Real big (He took a train)

11)Final thoughts about your Denver trip? "Nice place to visit, would
like to have stayed longer." (He got this from a fortune cookie... he found on the train!)


Spankye said...

hello ghost of jerry reed, this is kb. i have to call you out on the first spelling error i have ever seen on one of your posts. Look for the "to" that should be "too". If I was really mean I would post on ALL of Kyle's entries and call him out, but I'd rather just point out your mistake.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

You f#$%@& a#$hole nay-sayer!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Actually, Brantley's answer was misspelled so yeah, you're wrong.

Miss Jumper said...

Did you know that all the Chick Norris lore of 2007 was actually stolen from Brantley's autobiography (available in paperback at Barnes & Noble)? It's just true!