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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We'll All Be Schwalbe

Sweet sassy molassy the blog is tired. Tired and confused and somewhat agitated with a mild itching sensation, but mostly tired. A weekend of Pisgah hi-jinks created a sleep deficit before the usual Thursday work week sleep deficit...but the deficit was/is worth it! Troy (inside sales) cut his teeth on Western North Carolina's finest singletrack for the first time. A mountain debutante, Troy performed admirably, going down only a handful of times while shredding in an 80's bmx style that was the theme of the weekend. Troy mostly rode in the back of the line so I could only hear the occasional "Dear Lord!" and "What? Another stupid bridge???" Also mad props to dead 70's iconic rocker/Cane Creek engineer Jim Morrison for being first up every hill and first down every hill as well as dominating the last part of the ride with only 50 percent of his handlebar. The fellow has mad skillz that pay the billz, and design headsets too. On a slightly related product note, this was the blog's first ride on the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29 inch mountain bike tires. The blog opted for the less cushy 2.25 (578 grams a piece) which was a first as it usually wants all the air volume it can get at Pisgah. But throwing caution to the wind, the 2.25s were installed and lo and behold, they provided just the right amount of cushion to tame the nasty, sharp, pointy rocks littering Daniel Ridge. In addition to the Racing Ralphs, both Josh and Troy were running the Schwalbe Nobby Nics. No complaints from anybody meant we had chosen wisely this time... and not poorly.


Palmetto Solo said...

No Squirrel Gap - You Puss. Give everyone the chance to break their ass & dreams.

dwight yoakam said...

ya'll wanna sponsor a rider with some lightweight rubber for the TS-100? dems tyres look sweet.

spokejunky said...

Or Solo's favorite: reverse Jones Gap for the tourette's syndrom in all of us.