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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quote of the Week!

At the behest of Teenwolf (inside sales and committed family man), we're posting the quote of the week, courtesy of Colin (inside sales and not-so-committed family man):

I'm SO ready for the apocalypse. I will thrive.

Here are some movies to watch to prepare yourself for the impending apocalypse...
On the Beach
Dr. Strangelove
Beneath The Planet of The Apes
The Omega Man
Dawn of the Dead
The Road Warrior
Twelve Monkeys
Last Night

Mountain bike wheel of the apocalypse...(ed. note This blog post is known as "phoning it in". Although a rare occurrence, this is a result of several factors: lack of coffee, lack of salted peanuts, lack of sleep, lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, etc (etc. is also a useful tool when "phoning it in"). A popular subject for "phoning it in" is the Apocalypse because it pretty much writes itself. In addition to the apocalypse, belittling an absent office employee is also handy. For example, Jim Snyder (purchasing) is a ninny and he steals from old people. Jim is out sick so by that logic, he was born a woman and wears adult diapers. See, it's just that easy!

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