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Friday, August 29, 2008

David Lee Roth and All Things Rock-ish

Like the mysterious incantations of Tibetan Throat Singers or the similarly mysterious drunken warbling of Diamond David Lee Roth (I've been listening to A LOT of "1984" and it effects me, deeply, on a religious and potentially nutritional level, and by that I mean "1984" rocks so hard that one could subsist off of its aural byproducts if need be), the siren song of "The Weekend" beckons to the blog and everybody else toiling deep within the Hawley Company. It sings "Forget about your Mac that's billowing smoke and flashing random, hateful messages on your screen! Come towards the weekend and watch football and sleep past noon and eat food that doesn't have a shred of nutrition in it and swear loudly and often!!!" So yes, we have been summoned by The Weekend and now we must do its bidding, much like a lesser talented band called Loverboy in its subtlety titled magnum opus, "Everybody's Working For... The Weekend?"

If you get a chance, drive up to Greenville, SC and watch the road racing nationals. From what I hear, it should be mildly interesting. Also, go by The Mystery Machine and say "hi" to Andy "Sweet Georgia Brown" Hale and Brittney "Cucumber Salad" Not Born With a Last Name as they spread the Storck gospel. They have been on the road a loooong time and are desperate for human contact. Feel free to chat with them, or even pet them. But under no circumstances feed them or spill water on them. We've all seen the documentary "Gremlins"...

"Ya'll got to feed me them tender vittles! Me try to be good hard worker woman! Me try!"
Andy with his stalker/Number 1 superfan, Irving Schulberg

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