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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Contrary to popular belief, EP-No is NOT what you hear when you call Vanilla Cycles and ask about getting a price reduction on a custom tandem cross bike. EP-No is what you hear when you ask Jim Snyder "Hey man, what blood booster can I take in pill form that will get my engine ready for cross season?" EP-NO takes your red blood cells and hemoglobin and supercharges it with good ole fashioned "can do spirit". That "can do spirit" contains Iron and B12, two important foot soldiers in the war against pseudoanemia and full-on anemia. Pros use this stuff because when it comes to a bike race. the only thing between them and a podium spot is precious, delicious, iron-rich blood. Will "Big Willy Style" Gilette has been taking EP-No religiously and is without a doubt the strongest rider at Hawley crushing those of us not in the EP-Know. Will has also become impervious to fire and has stopped aging because of EP-No.


Adam said...

that's some durn fine exposure control there, Kenneth.

spokejunky said...

I'm sold if the bottle color comes in faux carbon fiber to match my shoes, helmet and jersey.