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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eurobike Espionage Featuring Dave and George

Dateline, Eurobike, Germany, 1:36 AM

Dave Carson: Hi Guy!

Shadowy Espionage German Dude: TO WHOM AM I SPEAKING VIT?

Dave: This is Dave Carson from the Hawley Company!

Shadowy Espionage German Dude: Excellent! Do you have zee package?

Dave: Sure thing guy!

Shadowy Espionage German Dude: Vell, YOU KNOW VAT TO DO WITH EET???

Dave: Yeah guy!

Shadowy Espionage German Dude: Your confidence is at once reassuring and disconcerting! Cease vit your mockery!!!

Dave: OK guy!

Shadowy Espionage German Dude: Quit calling me GUY!

Dave: Sure thing guy!

Shadowy Espionage German Dude: You are far more unstable zan our dossier had implied, but your expertise in zepellin technology and exploseeevs makes you our only viable choice. Meet your contact outside zeee zepellin museum tomorrow afternoon. He vill be... incognito. Your payment will be forwarded to the usual Swiss bank account. Zat is all!!!

Dave: Bye guy! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Furious George Faulkner provided me some random shots of Eurobike from his I-Phone. Lots of weird Sella Italia concept saddles and some weird Germans too.
Wipperfolk from Wipperman!
Germans play dress-up! (unsuccessfully)

bamboo saddle!


dwight yoakam said...

BAMBOO SADDLE! i'm in love!

Spankye said...

he beat me to it...i was about to say don't let B see that saddle!

spokejunky said...

I'd have to call that Calfee-envy. That black saddle makes my taint shiver with fear.

dwight yoakam said...

i'll take a bamboo calfee machine with that saddle on it. oh the hotness.