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Monday, September 15, 2008

El Hefe: Insane in the BRAIN; The Search for SPOK-- Most Convoluted Blog Post Title... Ever

Saints be praised! El Hefe made Bicycle Retailer Magazine (THE periodical for bicycle retailers, way better than "Magazine Retailers on Bicycles") an offer they couldn't refuse a la Don Corleone and that loudmouth Hollywood producer and was given a little bit of print space and some free publicity. Don't fret gentle reader, no horses were decapitated! Back to the matter at hand, El Hefe and his ambitious 50th birthday commuting plan is laid bare for the prying eyes of the unwashed riff-raff, uh, we mean "literate public". News to the blog was El Hefe's wish that on his 50th commute into work he be accompanied by 50 employees! Great googily moogily! Can you imagine that motley phalanx rumbling down the road on every conceivable bike brand and model? If we get fifty riders together, the blog will do it completely nude, naked as a newborn baby. I have nothing to hide! Nothing I tell you! If my shamelessness DOES offend some of our more effete commuters, then I shall gird my loins in commuter lights and allow the 1/2 watt illuminations to conceal my shame! Wait, wait, wait... disregard that idea, for the time being. Speaking of El Hefe and all things commuting, thought I'd remind you of a few of our tailights. The days have started getting shorter so make sure "you got that rear end all lit up and stuff"!

Hands down the blog's favorite light for this year is Planet Bike's SPOK! It's a surprisingly bright 2.0 LED light that uses a velcro strap and also has a keychain hole. Use the penny to gauge its size and amaze yourself! Most importantly, the velcro works on fingers as well as the more traditional handlebar and seatpost. Perfect for your post-work rave freak-out sessions. Get a job hippy!
If you need something beefier and "louder", might we recommend the SWERVE? Buy it because the white toggle switch makes the blog giggle, like a schoolgirl.

I know nothing about this Sigma light. It looks cool so that's good enough for our rigorous quality control. I see Sigma is using the K.I.T. hood light design for 2008. Kudos, kudos!


Adam said...

whoa, dang.

Hey Steve, make #50 on a Friday morning and I'll drive down and join y'all. I'll bring cookies.

spokejunky said...

Everyone rides to work that morning in one of THESE SUITS.