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Monday, September 08, 2008


...belongs to "Gentleman" Jim Snyder. Jim has had two other commuters listed on the blog so hopefully with this third installment, Jim will stop pestering me with an endless list of demands such as "Why am I not on the blog? Put me on the blog!", "The blog would be better if it included a color-coded list of my likes and dislikes pertaining to scented bath oils and soaps", "Show more Jim and how he talks about himself in the third person. Jim is displeased with you", etc, etc. Back to the bike at hand, Jim offers up his Jamis Komodo. It's a 1999 frame so it'll be celebrating its 10th anniversary in the near future. We're throwing it a party with balloons and soda pop. No invite necessary, just show up at Jim's house next Sunday around 3:00 AM. The lights won't be on because it's a SURPRISE party! You'll have to jimmy the door open and disable the alarm (the code is [late edit]). Help yourself to the contents of the fridge and try not to flush the toilet as the Snyders are big-time water conservationists. In fact, if you need to go, just use the fire place. Jim does it all the time...

Disconcerting saddle height. Jim was born without a torso, just legs attached to shoulders and a neck

The vintage cockpit

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Palmetto Solo said...

Oh for thou 29er - one needed