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Friday, September 05, 2008

Cyclist Attacked By Automobile

Yet another cyclist has been hit by a motorist in Columbia. The latest accident happened last night only a few blocks from several Hawley employees' abodes. What's the deal with the drivers in this town? You don't here about these shenanigans in Red Bank or Elgin??? Of special note, several reader comments from one of the local news channel's message board. I could go on a obscenity-laden rant, but I'll let you do that on your own:


Billy said...

collective intelligence in america is the unachievable dream of those willing to power themselves on the daily with their own strength, 2 circles/2 triangles and lack of a round about 4 dollar a gallon poison. change? you mean when the purge comes. piss man, i know it's real but damn what is wrong with people and their attitude towards less than more...question left open, not to be answered. this blog is funnier than dicky's, thanks for being there with some humor and some real news.

Miss Jumper said...

People are stupid. I hope Brantley wails on this guy.