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Thursday, September 25, 2008


You may recall, if you read this blog with religious dedication ("dedication", it's what you lazy slug of a landless serf's sheep turd may only dream of as you wile away the hours in your dial-up internet shanty... you share with six others) that Will "The G" (warehouse wunderkind) first began his long commutes to work on a Litespeed road bike. Well, those days are gone, long gone. "He bought an auto-coach of some variety? Surely a Levasser two stroke!" you may ask. Not even close you blathering spatherdab! It seems Master Will, at the suggestion of an anonymous benefactor, telegraphed the good folk ("folk", a polite way of referring to the cycling riffraff who ply their trade in the Vulcanic arts, conjuring fire and alchemizing metal in deference to a Roman god or two) at Van Dessel and said "Look here! I need a cross frame and I need it within a fortnight. If you can have it hear any earlier, I'll increase your fee by a shiny nickel and decrease the number of times my maple walking stick cracks your backside! I await your reply!" Less than a fortnight later, the Hole Shot (use your imagination, cretin) arrived by post and there was much rejoicing. A few well-placed employee purchases and Will had a cross-commuter fit for a king... or queen. Good luck with your surgery next week Will!

Notice the Planet Bike SPOK headlight!
Sram handlebar plugs and Truvativ crankset. Does it get any better?

Vulcan asks the Van Dessel workshop to "work harder" and "always dress for safety"

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