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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Sun Sets On The Hawley Blog

Well youngsters, it seems like lightnin' has done struck twice. Seems Joshie done inspired yet 'nother blog post. As you may recall, he was in yet'terday's post 'bout Craft hoodies and the what not with their warmth, comfort and Euro-aesthetic chic. Today, after lunch at a rest'rant that will remain nameless cuz it done gave me the gassin' and all the other junk that stinks up the outhouse (my desk), Josh told me "Listen. Let's have a '5 mile radius' section on the blog. You take a pic'er of somethin' cool or funny or Nascar/State Fair/Boiled Peanut/Ozzy related and then post that there sucker on the blog just as pretty as you please!" I stared off in to the yonder and after a couple hours I looked at Josh and says, "Dang it, that's a pretty good idea! Pass me a 'nanner and turn up that C and C music fac'try tape cuz it's time to get our dance on!!!" After the dancin' and Gonna Make You Sweatin' wrapped up, we set about lookin' for something worthwhile in our vi-cin-i-ty! Well, we found us a lil' 4 x 4 action that set our off-roading hearts a flutterin'! Have a nice weekend ya'll! (cue Hee Haw end credits music free-for-all)


spokejunky said...

The flux capacitor needs more trash.

Spankye said...

that thing is tough as nails. brandon would be jealous.

dwight yoakam said...

dude, those things are everywhere out here. i think its mandatory to own some sort of 4x4 wagon beater. the toyotas are popular for sure.

the acorn is still rockin tough though. wait 'till you see studded knobbies i have for winter on my black wheels! rally edition baby.