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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anybody Got a Good Commuter Mix For My Ride Home? Seriously.

You know the blog is running on fumes when it's about the freaking weather:

Today it rained. The blog was completely miserable riding into work as the previous day's downpours had washed all particulate matter into the bike lanes. Not that the blog cared, but the tiny silicate mixed with asphalt and beer bottle glass particles clogging said lanes eventually navigated their way from legs and ankles through the tops of socks and into shoes. These then began to rub against feet creating a highly unpleasant feeling by mile 13. The chafing! Oh Lord, the chafing.. the chafing (alternate ending to "Heart of Darkness" that was dropped by Joseph Conrad after cooler editing heads prevailed). Fortunately, the rain let up and spirits brightened as the blog survived one of the fouler days for this summer's commuting. This blog was supposed to have a constructive nugget somewhere but alas, it can only be used as a platform from which to gloat and bathe in the fleeting superiority (if only for a day) that I was the only soul brave (sic. stupid) enough to ride in this morning. COMMUTER KING FOR A DAY! In lesser news, L. Armstrong announced a comeback of sorts to professional racing as did Floyd Landis. Yawn (Sorry to steal your bit Eric)...

1 comment:

Palmetto Solo said...

You call it brave. What do the others call it? I thought this commuting thing would make you hard & fierce like a wolverine. What happened?