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Friday, September 26, 2008

Philip. Michael. Thomas. 'Nuff Said

Well, it's the end of another week at Hawley and we're all here, alive, and in one piece. That was a confusing sentence because it sounds like all of us are conjoined in some sort of massive Borg-ish (Borg-esque, Borgnine?) bicycle entity, a group collective of sorts. I can't give you a definitive answer to the status of what we've turned into, but I know we've removed the "women" and "men" signs from the bathrooms and replaced them with signs that say "Us" and "We" (Weeee!). But I digress.

"What's the mpg on that cube? Oh crap, you're gonna assimilate me aren't you???"
The weekend is almost here and that means it's time to ride your bicycle and pace nervously to and fro, thinking about which bank will go under Monday morning (or Sunday night). But don't let our impending financial apocalypse get you down. It appears, according to liberal muckraker "The Economist", that bicycle production has outpaced car production as more folks around the world look for transportation alternatives. Unfortunately, a large portion of those bikes are made overseas which doesn't bolster our domestic bicycle production and just adds to a growing trade deficit, but that's a topic for another blog. Now if only bike LANE production outpaced road and highway production...

(in the original picture, the cyclist is completely naked. WHY????)

BIG UPS to our friends at Burley trailers for clearly inspiring Tom Toles of the Washington Post (yet another left-wing scandal rag). It's obvious to the blog that Bush's trailer is actually a modified Burley Honeybee! Well Mr. Toles, if that is your real name, you and your liberal cronies will be hearing from our lawyers as well as Burley's! On a related and extremely salient note, the blog needs a Burley Flatbed trailer for 2009 if his dream of starting his mobile DJ-party-bike business is to come to fruition. Send cash and check donations to the blog. With your help, we'll keep the blog's neighborhood awash with the sounds of Great White and Phillip Michael Thomas through 2009... and beyond!
(ed. note: just because your neighbors listen to Maroon 5 doesn't mean you have to wage some sort of "bad music war". )
(the blog: Philip Michael Thomas's work deserves recognition!)

("Living the Book Of My Life", setting the standard since 1985)

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