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Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome Back To Monday

Not much going on in the hallowed halls of Hawley today. The purchasing crew arrived back from Interbike with glazed looks and tired brains, feeling the effects of 20 hour flights and interminable delays of Satre-ian levels. Want to hear an entertaining tale of airline travel gone horribly awry? Just ask Brian or Dave, although Jose's version is the best since it comes with a complimentary dessert voucher (what can I say, the man knows how to treat his adoring fans). Lowlights for the blog are as follows:
The new adjustable seat post collar from Miche furious George brought back. The inside sleeve adjusts to accept an alloy post or carbon post. Just rotate the arrow to your desired "setting" and you're ready to rock. Comes in Grappa and unscented.

From Sandy, a suspicious nutrition offering from Squeezy Gel! Why suspicious? Well, the packaging shows Levi Leipheimer in a Gerolsteiner kit. The blog isn't keen on road racing, but knows Leipheimer left Gerolsteiner a while back to play second fiddle to Contador. So the question is, how old is this bar of "joghurt kirsch"? The second question is, will I eat this for lunch? You bet your sweet bitty! (late ed. it was indeed older than previously thought, but that made it all the better, like a finely aged cheese or wine)
Although nobody the blog knows did the industry crit race, Cane Creek well-wisher and all around good guy/parts engineer Jim Morrison (yes, the dead guy) dominated MASH SF ringer Garret in the finals of the gold sprints. Flip flops, baggy shorts and a t-shirt that screams "I have no moral or ethical scruples" matched up against one of the most feared hipster-cyclist-messengers ever to come out of the city that gave us Huey Lewis, The Zodiac Killer and Margaret Cho! 1000 meters was the distance and according to the MASH blog, it was .10 of a second that separated them. So to loosely translate, East Coast punked West Coast in a retributive grudge match that could be loosely called "This Is For Killing Biggie Smalls You California Hippies!". Did Jim start a new East Coast/West Coast feud? I certainly hope so. I certainly hope so. Hawley got ya back J. Mo!!!

Jim gets in the zone while MASH guy tries to strangle himself
Jim claims victory for the East coast, and for all his souljas at Tha Creek.

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dwight yoakam said...

lets give a shout out to a fellow NC State grad and Cane Creek posse member! holla' at some east coast love.