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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Car Vs. Bicycle... Round 3

Another week in Columbia, another bicycle related accident. This time however, the driver was not at fault and it appears to be "non-fatal". However, a blog must wonder what some folks are thinking when they spit out nonsense like this (from the "comments" section of a local news channel's coverage of the incident):


Billy said...

Okay, Come on?....Please tell me that you are only pulling my leg in great southern fashion and that these statements are all fabrications on a faux web forum that you created with your infinite and mad skillz on the machine that I have come to know as my psychiatrist while you sit in front of it all day. This is a joke right? Please tell me that, pleeeeaasssse. If you ain't joking and it's no joke the drivers in Columbia are not only some pedestrian hittin' folk but they are not that witty either.

dwight yoakam said...

welcome to the south (and really the States as a whole) . . . the intelligence is overflowing.

they pay taxes and can use the same land to tote their guns and hunt (or just shoot shit) that i use to mtn bike on. i don't complain too much about it. i pay the same taxes and can ride my bike on the road. f' off.

its called respect for another human life. this, i see, we're running short on.

and as for not needing more bike lanes and dedicated bike transit-ways . . . i won't even comment.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Not a joke Bill...

Agreed Dwight

Ms.AverageJoe said...

I don't ride...I'm just your average motorist who enjoys the blog. When I read about this again and saw the comments, strings of expletives and f-bombs proceeded to try to come out of my mouth at the idiocy of the general public. That's all I can say with out people thinking I have a bad case of tourettes. Just know not all motorists are f*ing morons!