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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Warehouse Expansion Update! (Part 2)

The glorious Hawley warehouse/dinner club expansion continues with unfettered, reckless abandon. Steel beams have been glued into place and now the walls go up! This is a process that requires a steady hand and ice water flowing through the veins. Take a brain surgeon, lock him in a basement with one of those dudes who builds ships in bottles and a world champion Jenga player, somehow (through technology) get them to mate (romantically) and the unholy spawn would resemble, to the very smallest strand of DNA, the wall assemblers on the construction site. After the walls are in place, the light bulbs are screwed into the steel beams, the outhouse is dug "out back over yonder" (to quote Steve) and voila, we're ready for move-in! Some minor changes to the original building plans include sod floors, player piano, ole timey saloon with grizzled bartender, spittoon washer and open air windows. Advantage... HAWLEY COMPANY!!!

The executive washroom. ..


Papa Wheelie said...

Executive washroom or Dave's new office? Hmmmm...

joshie said...

how's you get a pic of my bathroom? I don't remember you coming over to my house!

spokejunky said...

I'll go ahead and state the obvious. How did everything get put together? None of the pictures have any living, corn-fed, knuckle bustin' contractors putting up those girders of strength. It's like the gnomes of ABC #102 come out in the middle of the night and bless you with warehousedness in the morning.

Billy said...

Rock and Roll Traffic Stopper here...please call me, 704.575.4791 or 704.535.5160,
this is an ergency!

Miss Jumper said...

How did you get a pic of Joshie's bathroom? He doesn't remember you coming to his house!