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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Jessica and a Few More Asheville Bikes

"I ate this cake and now I got full blown diabetes... and then came the tummy ache"
This post is a somewhat belated birthday wish to significant other and significantly better half (better at runnin' her yapper! zing! zing! oh snap!) of Josh Baker (Graphics), Jessica. More importantly, this post is something of a love sonnet, a votive pledge and a supplicatory vow to uphold all things related to birthday cake and the deliciousness inherent within all cakes of a celebratory nature (with the lone exception being "Get Out of Jail Soon!" poundcakes which have 12 inch long files baked into them). Never one for understatement, Josh "took the cake" with an eight layer monolith to tooth decay and diabetes that can only be described as Jurassic. It weighed 68 pounds, used 51 eggs, 27 pounds of sugar, 16 wheel barrels of icing and cost 12 immigrant laborers their lives during its construction (our prayers go out to their families). Not to wander from today's blog post title, the second part of this post showcases a few of the interesting bicycles and bicycle components we saw hanging around the crits with the usual commentary:

A racer from Charlotte sits astride his Storck, CD 1.0 weighing his post-race brunch options. Needless to say, he had the Eggs Benedict.
A twelve year old whipper snapper rode this Chinese fabricated Orbea in both Junior and Cat 5 races. Now that's what I call good old fashioned child abuse! Notice the sweet Deep V rims. Yeah, we sell those puppies! And oh yeah, he had the Eggs Benedict.
Here's an Industry Nine road hub. Totally rips off the Shimano 105 hub!
A random Jittery Joe's team frame. I have nothing positive to say about this picture. Do you? If so, send your comments to jsnyder@hawleyusa.com with the subject heading "eggs benedict"

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Cracked Headtube said...

Where can I find the place that sells cakes in pizza boxes?