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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Off Track Shilling and Reflections on Estelle Getty

This barely counts as shilling, but when has that ever stopped this shilling juggernaut of a blog before? Anyhoo, everybody knows about Cane Creek track wheels and everybody knows we shill, I mean sell them so I figured I'd spotlight their wheels on an actual bike instead of the ubiquitous catalog-product shot. The wheels in question are the Track V's (part number WHEL70301 for those of you keeping score at home). Notice the lustrous blue anodized finish on the hubs! Now that's some home cookin', skink style! We hope former Hawley purchaser and current Cane Creek B-Boy Eric S. logs some miles on the Parkway this summer atop his new fixie. Speaking of fixed gears and B-boys, we're all gonna miss Estelle Getty. Mostly known for her stint as Sophia on "Golden Girls", those of us at Hawley have a special place in our collective heart for her riveting performance as Sylvester Stallone's mother in "Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot". The cycling world has lost a giant.

Blue tires! Fresh! Platform pedals! Not so fresh (feeling)!
"Brrrppt! Brrrppt! Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo! Wakka wakka! Hmmmmmmmm. Boo ya!"
-Estelle Getty's acceptance speech after winning an Emmy in 1991.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man that looks alot better than the guys swobo from hawley. I think he was at the Alley Cat Race a few weekends ago.