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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Product Placement: Gyes Leather Pannier Bag

The Gyes Leather Pannier (BAGS1630) sits, lost in introspection...
"And for the DJ on the go... by bicycle!"

In show business, creating a buzz is called "tubthumping". In the bike business, creating a buzz is called, "creating a buzz". For those of you who don't know or were too busy watching "Project Runway" the last three months (I'm looking right at you Marky Mark), Dave has brought in an economical alternative (read "good value!") to those overpriced Brooks saddles and bags that fall apart at the first drop of rain. It's called Gyes and if you know how to pronounce it, you're already half way there! Halfway way where you ask? To accessorizing your townie-cruiser-touring machine beyond comprehension. Don't have a radical 1960 Dawes Galaxy lying around your loft apartment surrounded by 13 other vintage bicycles in downtown Seattle? Don't have an uncomprimising 21st century urban chic fashion sense? Don't work as an urban planner or public relations liaison for a non-profit organization in a mid-size bicycle friendly city? Well, then perhaps it's time for some of that sweet, sweet Gyes lovin'! Oh yeah baby! And guess what, this pannier also comes in faux alligator skin (not available as of this blog entry). Tragically, it doesn't come in Jar Jar Binks skin. That freak single handedly ruined three Star Wars movies (well, ruined what was left of a once healthy franchise). Don't believe me? Here's a little taste from "Phantom Menace":
"Meesa caused mabbe one, two-y lettle bitty axadentes, huh? Yud-say boom da gassar, den crashin der boss's heylibber, Den banished."

"My no know. Meesa day starten pitty okeyday witda brisky morning munchen. Den boom! Getten berry scared and grabbed dat Jedi, and pow! Meesa here! Huh. Meesa gettin berry, berry scared."

So in conclusion, Jar Jar Binks ruined "Star Wars" and was turned into a Gyes pannier.

"Meesa an abomination! Meesa make George Lucas turn into alcoholic! Please kill messa! End meesa suffering!"

"Chill baby. Jar Jar gonna make everything all riiight!"

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