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Friday, July 11, 2008

Shhhh, breakdancing seminar in progress

Not really, but that title really got your attention, eh? Well, it's Friday so that means Zero Gravity is in the hiz-ouse! Booyakasha! Jim failed to mention their arrival to me so that meant no rose petals strewn in front of them or custom embroidered Hawley jean jackets to make their stay "a special time". Speaking of Jim, I overheard this (seriously, this is true) come from his cubicle yesterday: "Our robotic army could easily conquer yours!" That's right, I sit eight inches away from a complete madman. A madman in charge of purchasing very high-end Zero Gravity brakes and who is in the process of building or conscripting some sort of robot army. War solves nothing Jim. Robot war solves even less. "What about those dudes stuck in Tron?" Bah!

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