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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday in July Means, We're Phonin' This Post In!

Yawn. It's Thursday and that means another installment of "I'm too lazy to write anything on the blog so I'll distract the reader's attention with plenty of random pictures". Actually, while the blog is fairly inactive today (must be the humidity), the offices around here are abuzz with activity. Sales folk from 661, Ritchey and Kenda are roaming about, accosting anyone who will listen to a sales pitch or watch a product demonstration. During this morning's meeting, Pete of 661 pulled out all the stops, including a set of edible downhill gloves and a bmx helmet made of paper mache filled with delicious bits of candy and savory cuts or pork tenderloin. Sandy (purchasing) nodded her head in acknowledgment as she has been pushing for Hawley to steer it's business away from traditional head gear and embrace the burgeoning, delicious pinata trend in full face helmet technology. Huzzah Sandy, huzzah indeed! We're also doing an after work ride with Nick from Kenda. I LOVE my Kenda Small Block 8s but I'm going to play it cool and pretend like I hate them. Well not hate, but perhaps mistrust. If he mentions them I'll look off in the distance and mutter "Eh, they're OK. What's it to you? I mean come on, they're just tires. It's not like I draw pictures of them on my desk at work with a heart and an arrow and my face and the Small Block 8 kissing. That would be disturbing. Are you saying you want to fight me? Want your ears boxed eh? A little chin music? You have dishonored my Small Block 8 and in doing so, have dishonored me! I demand satisfaction! A duel, tomorrow, at dawn, with shotguns. Shotgun pinatas!" But I digress, as is the style for "Digression Thursdays" at Hawley (instituted by Brantley last year as a way to keep his senility a secret from the rest of us).

Six Six One Research Department and a Pinata Helmet Prototype

I have never had physical relations with this tire, yet:



You got vampires? We got stakes! Lots Of 'Em!

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