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Monday, August 10, 2009

8-08, Palindromic Fun!

A few Hawley-ites went to Charlotte Saturday for a late morning/afternoon spin at the Sherman Branch trail system. First of all, a trail with a porta-john at the trailhead (pun intended) is a rare if not somewhat mollifying sight. Breakfast burrito or Cytosport not sitting so well in your colon/bladder? Not a problem! Second, I still didn't use the foul thing, opting for the familiar surroundings of mother nature. After defiling a pine tree, we saddled up and entered the smooth, swoopy trails at XC race speed. After a few stops, we chilled out and "enjoyed" the wonderful berms, logs and woodland creatures that dotted the trail. Crimony, what a wonderful trail! Many thanks to the good folk at Tarheel Trailblazers for the upkeep. The trails were in immaculate condition! The complimentary moist towelette dispenser in the parking lot was a most welcome surprise, and at 7 dollars a towelette, it was well worth it! No post-ride shower was needed 19 towelettes later! After a repast at a local eatery (Fuel Pizza), we headed downtown for the Presbyterian Criterium. Guess you could say, it was predestined! We strolled around and found Andy at the Storck van. Sadly, the Vanderkittens were already out spinning, warming up for the race. We bid adieu to Andtron, refreshed our parched palettes and gathered for the women's start. As usual, the race was fast and furious. We cheered for the Kittens we recognized. Laura, and Jen and the other Jen? Not sure, as we couldn't recognize them. They were a blur in black, white and blue. Several laps later, the race ended with Brooke Miller pumping her suspiciously sized arms in the air. Showboating or a vulgar display of power? Not sure. Anyhoo, the mens crit was a little different. A breakaway group stayed away and was then shattered by a plucky fellow from KBS. The Blog was surprised to see riders who got the hook drowning their sorrows in Bud and Coors Light alongside the course. Oh well, that's pro crit racing for you. We spied local cycling celeb Rich Dillen in the throngs, entertaining folks with tales of ORAMM valor and backwoods shenanigans. He seemed engrossed in the oral tradition, a dream catcher dangling from his neck as old Native American men chanted behind him, so we decided to let him be as our salutations would've disrupted his communing with the spirit mother... and the amethyst crystal thingy. Also spied was a handmade David Tesch frame in pretty much immaculate condition! It was resting behind some hay bales on turn 5? 6? So yeah, Saturday was miserable weather-wise, but non-miserable cycling wise. A couple videos of random, blurry cycling follows.

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Billy Fehr said...

Sherman Branch, my home field and you did not call. What feelings I have are hurt.
Your Cyber Friend